Creating Courses

So you’re ready to add courses to your platform! 

First, log in to the back end of your website. {i.e.}

Then, click Courses, and select “Add New

You will then get to enter the title and description.  On the right hand side of the screen, you’ll see the option to add a featured image for the course, which will be shown alongside the description. 

Also on the right hand side are options for the course categories (i.e. marketing) and course skill levels (i.e. beginner). 

Course options include Course Status and user access.

Members will only be able to see active courses.  Free courses will be available to all members.  

Choosing “Access” will let you select: 

  • Membership Access
  • Bundle Access
  • MM Product ID
  • Sales Page URL 
  • Course Modules 
  • Course Resources 
  • Course Quiz 
  • Course Forum 

Membership Access:

 The MemberMouse Membership Level ID associated with this course’s access requirements.  In order to see the ID numbers, click into MemberMouse > Product Settings > Membership Levels.  The ID will be in the leftmost column of the membership level listing. 

Bundle Access: 

The bundle ID will help determine who has access to the course.  In order to find the ID numbers, click into MemberMouse > Product Settings > Bundles.  The ID will be in the leftmost column of the bundle listing.MemberMouse Product ID:

      This is where you can enter the MemberMouse Product ID for the course (if there is a default product to purchase in order to gain access to the course). In order to find the ID numbers, click into MemberMouse > Product Settings. The ID will be in the leftmost column of the product listing.


Sales Page URL

If this course has a sales/landing page, this is where you would enter the URL.  

Course Modules

If the course is broken down into different sections or lessons, this is how we create a hierarchy.  The main course becomes the “parent” course.  There will be two places that you’ll ensure that these are connected. If you’ve created the parent course, then go ahead and set up the course module(s), then edit the course and select the correct module from the dropdown menu under this section. The second place to connect these is in Course Modules. When you have set up the course modules, you may then attach them to the parent course through a drop down menu.  Once these are attached in both places, you are good to go! 

Course Resources

This space is for guides and other supplemental course material.  You are able to share a URL or upload a document, and can add multiple resources.  

Course Quiz 

If there is a quiz associated with this course, you will be prompted to enter the form ID for the course quiz. 

Course Forum

If there is a course forum, there will be a place to enter the link. 


In this section, you can write a short summary of the course. 


This will ask you to select the WordPress user who authored the course. 


You may choose whether to allow comments and/or trackbacks and pingbacks. 

Publish Button 

You’re almost done! The last step is to click the blue “Publish” button on the right hand side, about midway up.