Creating Events

If you plan to host live (in person and or virtual) events for your members, The next step is to add these to your calendar and set their accessibility.  

First, log in to the back end of your website. {i.e.}

Then, click  Events (on the left hand side), and select “Add New

Add your title and description.

 On the right hand side of the page, you can select whether the event is In-person or Virtual.  

Just below that, you can add your featured image 

Next, fill out the logistical information: 

  • Date/Time
  • Location (i.e. Zoom, a physical address)
  • Event URL (i.e. Zoom or Vimeo link)
  • Videos that you’d like attendees to access.
  • Audio that you’d like attendees to access.
  • Event Category (this determines access) *If this is left blank, the content will be available to all members.  If you’d like to restrict access to certain events, select the category that you would like to grant access to.  
  • Event Resources is the section to upload any PDF files, templates, or other attachments that you’d like to include.

You’ll be asked whether or not this event is  LIVE.  If it is LIVE, it can be scheduled to stream “live” on the startdate in the “LIVE Now” area. These events can also collect Q&A discussion threads. 

If the event is set to LIVE, a section will populate a live thread for user comments. These will update automatically, so unless you want to edit them after the event, there is no need to manually add them. 

You have the option to post an excerpt, or a short summary of the event. 

The  discussion section is where you can choose whether or not to allow comments and trackbacks/pingbacks.

Once complete, do not forget to click the blue “ Publish” button on the right hand side of the page.