Importing Members

This is a quick, four step process that will demonstrate how to import member lists.  This is especially useful if you have a large list of clients that you are trying to integrate into your new platform. 

   Click  MemberMouse, and select “Manage Members” next, click the white “Import Members”button. 

   Step 1 is to download the import template. This file will be named export.csv by default. If you need help looking up MemberMouse ID’s, they have a great tool that you can use (the button next to the Download Import Template button).  You can search ID’s by: products, bundles, membership levels, employees, and protected content. 

   Step 2 is to upload the import file. You can choose to do this from a file stored locally on your computer, or from a URL. 

  •    Step 3 is to configure import settings.  Select which membership level to import members as, and whether or not to send them a welcome email.  
  •    Step 4 is to click the green “Import Members” button.