Submitting Tickets

Tickets can be submitted to the member(dev) support desk in 2 ways:

1) Submit on HelpDesk

You can submit tickets here on this support desk site.

**The preferred way is to click the support icon in the bottom right corner so you can specify the ticket Priority.

Or, you can use the Contact link in the top right corner to submit a ticket without Priority.

2) Email

The second option is to email If you do this please make sure you follow the guidelines below.

Ticket Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when submitting tickets:

  • Include a clear subject line
  • Include descriptive ticket details
  • Include screenshots and attachments (if applicable)
  • Only mark a ticket critical if it is truly critical

Critical Ticket Use Cases

  • Website is down or offline
  • Checkout page is broken
  • Lost or missing data in back-end

Abuse of marking tickets critical could result in suspension and/or delay of ticket response times. We take critical tickets seriously, so please return the favor.