Platform Tutorial - Dashboard Admin View Error

Often times when trying to view the dashboard page (which can be helpful while editing), you will see the following error: 

  • Viewing the page as a user will be tricky because you will likely be signed in as an admin while editing, which confuses WordPress.  It does not understand that an administrator could still have use to view the dashboard page. 
  •  Here is a way around this: Navigate to the bottom (or very top) of the screen and where it says "MM Preview Settings" on the right side, select one of the memberships from the dropdown menu and hit "save".  You may also need to clear the cache/refresh the page for this to take effect. Be sure that the URL includes " /dashboard" instead of the error code (mm-error/?code=100020).
  • The second way to view the page is to copy the URL and to paste it into a chrome incognito window.  To do this, double click/back click the chrome icon on your computer and select "new incognito window", then paste the URL.