Creating Content

Now that your platform is set up and ready, The next step is to add content.  

First, log in to the back end of your website. {i.e.}

Then, click  Content, and select “Add New

Fill out the title and content description. 

 Next, there are content options including: 

  • Duration
  • Content video (if yes, grab embed code from Youtube, Vimeo, ect.)
  • Content audio (if yes, enter audio code in space provided)
  • Content category access (if you do not choose a parent category, all members will have access to this content.) If you’d like this content to be exclusive based on membership, this will be set-up when you configure the content categories.  Please see our article on creating content categories for more information! 
  • Content Resources - these can be either a content upload or a URL, and multiple resources can be added.

Once you have these filled out, you have an option to write an excerpt, or a short summary about the content.  

Choose whether you’d like to allow comments and/or pingbacks/trackbacks 

Select the author of the content (if different from the current user)

Before you publish the content, you have the option to add content categories, content types, and content tags.  These sections are on the right hand side of this page.  

Content categories allow user access while content types classify the material.  Content tags will allow users to filter using search terms. 

If you scroll past the content tags, you will see an option to add a featured image.  This image will be displayed alongside your description of the content.

If you'd like your content posts to appear in a certain order, you'll select a number for "post attributes" right below the content tags section. Items will appear in numerical order, with zero being the starting point. 

Last but not least, do not forget to click the blue “Publish” Button on the right hand side of the page.