Onboard and successfully engage your members with a click. In this article, we will walk you through the essential areas you need to know to onboard your members successfully onto your membership site. The member(dev) platform allows you to easily engage your members and organize your curated content and community.

1) Dashboard Overview

The member(dev) dashboard allows members to see your latest content and events, access favorited resources, and edit or manage important account details all in one place.

2) Quicklinks 

The quicklinks section provides relevant details for your members to access important information.
  • My Favorites - Here, members can access any content, events, and resources that they have favorited. This is customized to each member so this will appear differently for any member actively using this feature.
  • My Account - This area provides members the ability to edit or see important information about their account such as plan details and billing information.
    • Order History - Order history refers to previous billing details and activity from your members. This is where a record of past payments will be recorded. Keep in mind any admin accounts can manage billing details separately underneath the "Manage Members" area inside of the member(dev) admin panel. See this related article on updating members here.
    • Account Settings - Account settings refer to relevant member details including name, username, email address, billing address, shipping address, as well as membership site plan.
  • Help and Support - Here is where members can reach out to your relevant support email address and find contact information for your membership site.

3) Latest Content & Events 

Easily showcase your latest content all in one place! Any content or events here will auto-populate into the main dashboard area for your members.

4) Members Side Panel 

The members side panel can be expanded or minimized and will appear differently according to your member(dev) plan and other customizations. The standard side panel will include the Library, Courses, Events, and some plans may include Community, Livestreams, and member forums.


There are so many easy ways to help your members get started and engage inside your membership on the member(dev) platform. If you have any questions outside of this help article, please reach out to us at support@memberdev.com.