If you're planning on hosting your videos privately and securely, we recommend using a third party video hosting software. Most of our clients utilize Vimeo videos to host their private coaching calls, curriculum, and virtual training sessions.

Making Your Videos Private

When using Vimeo to host your coaching, curriculum, or training calls, you can customize who is able to see your videos based on certain settings. Follow the steps below to ensure that the videos are not visible to the public. This ensures that your videos are only accessible to those that have been provided access.
  • Click on the video that you would like to customize access
  • Navigate to the "lock" icon and then you will see a pop-up menu appear.
  • Click on "Unlisted" on the right hand side of the menu

Embedding private videos onto Member(dev) with a url

To embed your videos on Member(dev), navigate to the top right hand corner of the screen to the "link" icon that appears as a chain.
  • Click on the link to copy the unique url
  • Within the Member(dev) platform, navigate to the "Course Modules" area
  • Select the module that you would like to add the video to
  • Toggle. the Module Video to "on"
  • A text field will appear under "Module Video Code"
  • Paste the url from the previous steps into this field
  • Once the video is loaded, navigate to the top right hand corner of the screen and select "Update"
  • To preview what a student will see when they have access to this module, click on "View Post"

Customizing Video Thumbnails

To add video thumbnails to your videos, follow these steps.
  • Select the "landscape" icon to the left of the screen
  • Choose from an automatically generated thumbnail from the video, upload a thumbnail, or choose a thumbnail from the video
  • Choose "Select from Video" if you'd like to choose a thumbnail from the video
  • Press Play
  • Choose "Select This Frame"
  • Select and click the updated thumbnail
  • Click "Save"