There are two primary ways to import members. Keep in mind if you are migrating members from a separate MemberMouse account, you'll need to coordinate and communicate with your assigned Customer Success Specialist and the member(dev) team to ensure a smooth transition and keeping any important account details. Please reach out to support(at)memberdev(dot)com for more details if you believe you need more importing support.

Using the Members Import Template

You can import members onto the Member(dev) platform by either:
  • Importing members using the Template downloadable by navigating to Manage Members > Import Members > Download Import Template or importing a .csv file from your computer or a third part hosting site such as Dropbox or Google drive following the import template fields.
  • If you have an existing MemberMouse account, you can also work directly with our Member(dev) support team assist you with migrating specifications to your account.

Step 1: Downloading the Template

If you decide to download the template, a CSV file will be downloaded to your computer.
  • Manually copy and paste or add the requested fields as outlined in the Import Template
  • In reference of the video tutorial outlined in the Members Overview tutorial, you can also utilize Google Sheets and copy the member account information into the requested fields and export the file as a CSV file once you have completed adding additional member details.


Step 2: Upload Import File

Upload the completed CSV file with all member details directly from your computer or a url such as dropbox or Google drive.
  • Select "Choose File" or (Add url) and then select upload

Step 3: Import Members

  • Select from the drop-down menu, the membership level access level for the members
  • Toggle the option for "send members welcome email"
  • Click on "Import Members"
Follow the prompts to confirm if the import was successful.

Important Notes

It is important to note that when importing members from other membership site platforms:
  • Import members from one membership level ONE AT A TIME.
  • Importing members that have pre-existing membership accounts will OVERWRITE the existing membership level, so please confirm that the existing member has the right access when importing new or previous members to prevent any billing or support issues.


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